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Euromarco,s.l. Born in 1991, to look after the Port Agency, chartering and cargo operations, attending/caring all parties involved, aided by a qualified staff gained expertise and well versed in almost all modes of transport required by ensuing demand.

The Company is incorporated in Tarragona Euromarco as business and management Consignataria Forwarding Ship in November 1991. Initially starting off predominantly in the field of the tanker, oil-oil and oil products.
In an effort to expand from 1997 and delves deep into the dry cargo, dry bulk primarily agricultural-fodder, bringing new traffic to the Port of Tarragona such as cottonseed and betting big on the alfalfa-forage to bulk, and increase other products for animal feed. Then with biomass, wood chips and pellets

Finally, the consolidation of the port of Tarragona on the export of livestock: cattle and sheep, having created a strong bond with the livestock sector. Also acting as brokers and freight boats on the different charges mentioned. Always based on the Port of Tarragona.



City:43004 Tarragona
Adress:Castellarnau, Nº 5 bajos 

Phn.: + 34 977 22 60 60  /  Fax: +34 977 23 03 18
Mob. Phn.: +34 692 693 816 / +34 605 248 130

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